How Kickstarter Worked For Me.

I came across this article in Forbes and wanted to share my Kickstarter experience.

I funded my first novel, Good Enough with Kickstarter and have gone on to fund several other underrepresented projects on the crowdfunding site.

I didn't have some grandiose cause or explanation for my campaign nor did I have a video. I felt silly recording myself--I still struggle with it. I don't even take selfies! And the campaign still did well. I raised over $3600 to publish Good Enough. I used a professional cover designer, editor and typesetter, (the latter didn't go so well, but I credit that to my inexperience).

I say all this to say, don't let money be a hard stop to publishing your story!

Here's how I did it in pictures :-)

Tell your story. Who are you?

What are you making and why?

Set a fundraising goal. Break it down: I set a $3500 in 60 Days goal.

According to Kickstarter: A lot of your story can be conveyed with words, but there’s more to a good project page than text. Images and video are a huge help for bringing people inside your story.

I had an image. My book cover.

Offer a range of rewards. Some folks can spare $100 and some only $5. Every one counts, though! Make sure there’s something worthwhile at every level — even simple $1 rewards. You’ll need to deliver on every reward, so think about how much of your budget you want to spend on these rewards.
Be mindful, there are a few things that Kickstarter prohibits:
Here are my rewards:

How Funding Works: This is the best part, in my opinion! Kickstarter is all or nothing. If you don't reach your goal, no funds get collected. NO money changes hands! If you make the goal, YOU CAN EXCEED IT. Imagine you promise your backers a 1000+ page epic or a beautifully curated, coffee table book or an anthology and you only raise $500!! All-or-nothing funding minimizes your risk, and spares your good reputation (in case you have to go back to the drawing board and need their support again).

Lastly, Promote! Promote! Promote! Here is where I could have done much better. I relied on social media exclusively. I had friends offer to host me at their homes, to give me an audience with their friends, but I was way too shy back then. You should totally do that, if it's offered. Blog about your campaign, hit up the FB groups and Twitter. The more you share your campaign, the more of us know and trust me, we want to help get our stories out there!

I hope this helps someone. Go ahead, you have NOTHING TO LOSE!