What I've Been Up To.

2019 has been quite a year for me thus far.

I've started new chapters in both my personal life and professional life. I bought a new home with a sizable piece of property. It's always been a dream of mine and I'm certain my daddy's proud.

Though many of the changes have been uncomfortable, isn't growth always? I've rediscovered old loves, such as houseplants and fresh cut flowers. I've reconnected with old friends, who I had no idea I missed so much. Each one of them hugged me and locked their arms with mine to lift me up. During one of the toughest times in my adult life, my friends and family rallied around me and allowed me to take notes while they glowed in the areas of service and charity.

My kids continue to make me proud (and cringe).

Jeremai worked two jobs and took care of his mom, without prompting or expecting anything in return. His daddy has taught him well, the ways of manhood. DJ and I got to watch our firstborn face adversity with uncommon grace and real strength of character. Mark my words, that kid is going to shape our world!

Justus, our beautiful strange bird checked off a bucket list item at 15 years old!! Years ago we watched a track meet at New York City's famed indoor track, The Armory. Justus looked at us and declared, "I'm going to run there one day." Guess what? He did that! He did a great job in his typical manner -- full of quiet confidence and humility. He is a true example of sportsmanship and we couldn't be more proud.

Harper Jo rode a real unicorn for her birthday! She started her loc journey and loves the versatility so far. To quote Ms. Harper Joseph she, "never wants to comb her hair ever again!" She's learned to tie a proper ponytail and hates New York City. She's discover graphic novels and I never have to remind her to read.

Professionally, I'm writing again. My latest project wasn't moving me in the way my previous works had. I tried outlining, and let me tell you, it AIN'T for this girl! Organic growth was stifled by the outline's expectations; by my original ideas for the story. Moral of the story: I'm a Plotster--a little bit plotter, but a lot more panster--much like I am in all aspects of my life. I like a plan from which to deviate.

I accepted another of my mind's Just Do It challenges and am planning a Writer's Retreat for later this Summer. I'm calling it, "The Woodsong Writer's Retreat". This retreat encompasses several of my passions and natural abilities, such as writing, learning, entertaining and connecting people. I found a hole in my industry that I CAN fill and be of service to others. Talk about a purpose driven life! If things go well, the retreat will be just the start of a larger machine and I'm here for it!

So many lovely things are happening and I'm ready to take them all on!