Please 'N Thanks Excerpt

I hope you enjoy this excerpt.

“I asked her to marry me,” Oliver said into the cool desert

night air.

“That’s what’s up. Congratulations!” Kemani said and stuck his fist out to Oliver, who accepted the gesture.


The men lay quietly, taking turns burning through the cigar.

“I’m going through with it this time. I'm getting married,” said Oliver.

“I hope so! You asked her,” Kemani laughed.

“True. But I’ve asked before and never made it to the actual marriage part,” Oliver said, coughing through a plume of smoke.

Kemani looked over at Oliver and burst into laughter.


Oliver hunched his shoulders and twisted at the root of a loc. “Yep, twice. I mean it when I ask, but then as time goes on, I’m like, ‘Nigga what are you thinking? You finally living the life you want and you wanna give it all up?’” Oliver twisted his mouth and kept his eyes closed. “But this time is different,” he shrugged. “She’s different. She’s more laid back and I don’t know, she ain’t trying to change me, but she ain’t chasing, either. She has her own deal but makes time for us, you know? My work is crazy and I’m at the restaurant most of the time, but she’s okay with it. When I have free time, she does what she has to, to make it work. She doesn’t want to fight with me and she ain’t always trying to one-up me, you know?” He peeped over at Kemani, who was lying down, too. “Yeah, things are different now. I love her and I’d marry her ass tonight!”

“You ain’t said nothing. I can make that happen. We’re in Ve­gas!”

The men laughed, then fell silent.

“I wonder…” Oliver said with an uneasy chuckle.