Summer Loving in a Book

Summer reading is a thing. Decades ago, traditional publishing decided to make the most of the long, lazy days by marketing easy reads. You know the stuff, romances, light humor. But, many of us prefer a good read with a little of seriousness, some humor and emotion. I mean sure, who can't appreciate a summer time escape? But, it seems publishers confused light reading with trivial, forgettable mess!

It doesn't have to be that way! There's travel, and humor; tears and provocation in the books below, but be warned - if you loan them out, you will not get them back! Now that's the mark of a good book!

When Camisha Ann Robbins and Lennox Ali Robinson, two seemingly unmatched lovers finally meet after 3 years of riding the train together, they face barriers such as class, family obligations and skillfully disguised insecurities. Join them as they discover who they truly are through their love for one another, with the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia as their backdrop.

Lacey’s a beauty queen turned successful business woman who’s hopelessly falling for the effortless charms of Oliver—despite strong misgivings. Olivier’s a carefree barista-cum- chef with an unhappy upbringing that led to him running away as a teenager—and running away ever since. Underneath his easygoing exterior, Olivier is hiding the hurt of his past while trying to reconnect with the very people that caused him to run away: his family. While facing pressure from Lacey to transform into a man more suited for her high polished lifestyle, he’s forced to question whether or not their relationship can overcome his rough edges and her ambitions, or will all of the pressure put him back on the run.

Sunrise had always lived a charmed life. Raised in an exclusive suburb of Atlanta, she enjoyed a blissful childhood with doting parents and loyal friends. She attended the best schools, built a fulfilling career in Jazz, and married into the upper crust of New England society. Everything was perfect until she woke up one day to find her fairy tale existence completely upended. With the remnants of her once perfect life packed up, she heads home to its familiar safety and security, only to find that the hits just keep coming! As Sunrise works on mending her broken heart, she comes face to face with an undeniable truth about who she thought she was and must make a difficult choice: uncover the stark reality or deny a part of herself she never knew existed. What happens when a woman who had it all goes on an unexpected journey to find what matters most?