So This Is Christmas, And What Have You Done?

The holiday season is easily one of the most popular of the year! It's a time spent with family and friends, and if we're lucky (or wise) we wrangle some time for ourselves. According to WebMD, Amy Tiemann, author of Mojo Mom: Nurturing Your Self While Raising a Family and founder of, said, "If you can't do it because you feel like you deserve it, look at it this way: You are a first responder. An emergency can come up at any time, and you should be as well rested and restored as you'd want your ER doc or EMT to be."

Claim Some Time For Yourself

1- Consider what you can give up. (Cookies from scratch- just decorate them w/ the kiddos.)

2- What can you delegate? (Order groceries on-line and just pick them up- Yeah! It's a thing.)

3- Shut the door. Seriously! Just do it. (I assure you, the sky won't fall, Chicken Little.)

Now, What to do With Your "Me" Time

1- Sit outside and read a book! Preferably a Good Enough Novel. Or eat your favorite food, all by yourself. Take your time; savor it.

2- Give yourself the gift of silence. Block out all noises and distractions and do what matters to you the most - pray, journal, meditate, sleep!

3- Do something good for a total stranger, and don't tell a soul. Just do it! Then, thank God for your blessings.