On Finding Ntozake

Many of us spend the bulk of our lives taking care of everyone else- Our husbands, our children and their friends. There are aging parents, bosses, friends and sometimes total strangers to tend to, also. We do the "right" things for those we love. But, sometimes we wake and find ourselves wanting something more. And most times that something is simply freedom:

Freedom to have Frosted Flakes and red wine for dinner. Freedom to buy a pink couch and plop it dead center in your living room. Freedom to have our eggs the way we like them! Zaye Curry had it all. She had a great family. She married her one and only love. She raised a respectable young man, who attends one of the nation's top universities, and a powerful career in fashion and publishing. She always followed the rules, played it safe and kept up appearances; until it hurt too much. With a group of loyal friends by her side, she decides to get real about her life.

At the age of forty, she builds up the courage to leave her perfectly positioned and loveless marriage, to find her own version of freedom. Only days after moving into her very own dream home and a few minutes browsing, Living Social she buys herself a hip hop dance class; where she meets a young, wealthy rapper named Kemani Black. Kemani's brash, controversial and thirteen years her junior, but she can't deny his irresistible charms. With her newly found freedom and her girlfriends rooting her on, she sets about a twisty turny journey to rebuilding her relationship with her parents, redefining her idea of success and most importantly to Finding Ntozake. I hope you can join me, Zaye & Kemani on Tuesday, August 29th when the book goes on sale at Amazon.com. To join other fans of Good Enough Novels find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VIJosephGoodEnough/

To new adventures! Vonna