The Power of a Good, "What If?"

As kids we harnessed the full power of a good what if question. Sure, people call it imagination, but it always started with a what if. Somewhere along the way we learned the sting of disappointment and fear crept up, smothering our willingness to pursue our what ifs. As adults, when we conjure up the chutzpah to pursue one, we're called BRAVE, COURAGEOUS, INNOVATIVE, INSPIRATIONAL. Cool, right?

All of the stories I've written have started with a good what if question.

Good Enough: What if a regular girl meets the guy of her dreams, but thinks he's out of her league? 70+ thousand words done!

Crossed Lines: What if she just tries to accept him? 70+ thousand more!

Sunrise Blues: What if it wasn't an accident (or was it)?

You get the point.

A good what if question, could launch you light years ahead, or paralyze you. You could waste countless hours, ideas and energy living in your head - overthinking things, getting ready, making excuses. OR you could try something new, take that first step, say, "Yes!" and discover your passion - your purpose.

History and life have shown, that acting boldly has never been a waste. If it doesn't work out the way you hoped, take the lessons with the lumps and try again! It’s never going to be the perfect time. You’re never going to be absolutely ready. You don't have to have it all figured out!

But get out there, and try like hell to ANSWER your own what ifs!