I Write Love Stories

I love writing about love. I love researching and analyzing the phenomenon. My life has been fertile ground for an up close and personal view of love.

I love writing about the love of mothers for their daughters – the good, the bad and the ugly.

The love between fathers and their sons. And who doesn’t love the love between mothers and their precious sons?? Love between daddies and their princesses – the tried and true and even the new!

The love felt when old friends reunite or its loss when they grow apart.

The love between brothers and sisters. Little sisters for their big brothers and big brothers for their little sisters.

Between Big brothers and little brothers.

The love between friends – the purely platonic love between men and women - intimate and affectionate but not sexual.

Unrequited love and forbidden love, be it messy or sublime. I love writing about it!

New love and old love. Husbands and Wives. Aunties and Nieces. Uncles and Brothers-In– Law.

Growing love and changing love. Love for your passions and love for your cities. Love for your homes and loves for your experiences - the perfect and un-perfect, alike.

Self-love and self-loathing – yes, loathing because we all know that there is a thin line between love and hate.

I love exploring the love that make cousins best friends. And the love that makes you believe in yourself.

I love exploring lasting love and fading love. Building love and the destructive love.

I love writing about discovering love – even after death. But most of all I love writing and researching God’s love and the way He shows up in all of us. Accepting love and rejecting love.

My name is LOVonna Ivory Joseph and I write LOVE stories.