My Latest Obsession - Meet SZA

Solana Rowe, better known by her stage name SZA, is an American singer-songwriter. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri, later relocating to Maplewood, New Jersey (and she's only 25!)

Raised raised as an Orthodox Muslim, SZA attended a "Muslim prep school" and secondary school everyday after her "regular school." After the September 11 attacks, Rowe was subject to bullying, leading her to stop wearing her hijab.

We have so much in common! She loves Coconut Oil for her hair, Chopped and Iron Chef. Lauryn Hill and Lil' Jon. She's passionate about writing and Billie Holiday. She's my little sister (in my very active imagination).

In October 2012, Rowe self-released - SELF-RELEASED (sounds familiar) an extended play titled See.SZA.Run, which she then followed up with her second EP, titled S, in October 2013. In July 2013, it was revealed that she had signed to the hip hop record label Top Dawg Entertainment, through which she released Z, her third EP and first retail release, in April 2014.

SZA has collaborated with some of my favorite artists in the industry:

My Queen: Beyonce

Kendrick Lamar

Chance the Rapper, and


She also boasts crazy writing credits for Nikki Minaj & Queen Bey's "Feelin' Myself" and Rhianna's "Consideration"

She's such a talented cutie! She inspires me. Check her out.