Why I Wrote A Book

There are these rare gems on Earth who love beyond their capacities. They go about life making it happen. Taking care of things and people. There are still women out there without overinflated senses of their own worth. There are still women out there who you aren't going to see selfies of or their OOTD, because they're just going about their days, head down and focused on a greater good. They don't know how great they are. They don't expect or seek accolades and praise via Likes and Re-Posts, as a matter of fact they are absolutely unaware of how truly spectacular they are. They're taking care of their families, working full-time, validating the people around them and serving their communities - loving as we are all commanded to do. But, desite all of their greatness, they feel inadequate. They feel invisible. They don't think the sweet life is for people like them. The images of the women on "Reality" TV and on Instagram are far prettier than they are. Those women have far more glamourous careers and friends and lives - those are the types of women who get the guy. They feel that they can't compete, so they take themselves out of the game. This is my TARGET AUDIENCE. We are my TARGET AUDIENCE. I am Good Enough. You are Good Enough. We are Good Enough for love, for happiness, for the sweet life. This is why I wrote a book. To let her know that, love is for everybody.

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