Good Enough is definitely a book with a message. The characters are diverse and well developed. The storyline was interesting, intriguing, suspenseful and it left me wondering about the futures of the characters. Am I good enough? Yes? Was the read good enough? Definitely

— Aly M.

Crossed Lines in conjunction with Black Girl Narrative - Check it out!

I teamed up with Tara Mixon of Black Girl Narrative for my second novel, Crossed Lines. Crossed Line focuses on two favorite minor characters from Good Enough, Oliver Barnett and Lacey Robinson.  In the same vein, I explore human relationships from romantic relationships, to family relationships.  Above all else, I had the pleasure of working with an awesome group of artists - Tara Mixon, writer, editor, educator and author advocate of Black Girl Narrative, BGirlN.com, for my editing needs and my cover design.  Jayquan "King Justice" of Instagram fame and No Habla Bullshit apparel, www.ShopNHB.com, as my featured cover model.  And Lamore Thompkins of Tynkr for designing an awesome logo for my very own publishing imprint, Twelve Twenty-Six Kozart.  Team work, makes the dream work and I'm blessed to work with the best!  

Crossed Lines - A Good Enough Novel is available on Amazon.com

I can't wait for your feedback!

Crossed Lines - Cover Design Begins

I found the perfect model to depict my imagination's Oliver Barnett, the sweetheart/chef/musician/bestfriend to Camisha and love interest of Lacey Robinson on Pinterest about four months ago, but I couldn't find the model.  I was bummed, but my team would never allow me to infringe upon another artist's creative property.  It wasn't easy, but I knew that he was my Oliver!  I wouldn't settle.  I just committed my mind to finding him, if it was meant to be, and today, he said, "Yes!"  Ask and you shall recieve!  Look forward to a June 2016 release date for my second offering in the Good Enough series, Crossed Lines.  

Introducing Jayquan

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Crossed Lines - Second Round of Editing

The readers raise so many good questions.  You all truly inspire me!  I've finished the first draft of  Oliver and Lacey's budding romance, their families and friends.  Yes!  Lacey has friends.  I truly enjoyed getting to know these characters better and the twists and turns their lives took me on.  I hope I addressed as many of your questions and concerns as possible.  Look forward to a June 2016 release date.  

Good Enough Needs 100 Reviews 

I'm aiming to reach 100 book reviews on amazon by the summer.  Please help me out!  According to the numbers more than 100 books have been sold, so spread the word and let me know what you thought of Good Enough. Who do you want to know more about? Talk to me!  Send your questions to Vonna@VIJoseph.com or on the Contact page here. 

Book Signing - Sat., 9 April

My beloved and benevolent hometown of Orlando, FL showed up in droves.  Giving me so much love and support!  I reconnected with old friends and got to share some of my childhood with my own children.  It was great having my husband and best friends by my side. My sister, Pat Lanier absolutely out did herself with organizing the signing and the Hiawassee Branch Library was gracious and welcoming.  #HomegirlLove

Orlando Book Signing
She Bangs Beauty Book Signing 

I'm immeasurably blessed to have the support of outstanding people in my writing venture.

My outrageously talented and generous hair stylist, Ms. Kristi Nicole and her business partner, Ms. Sharonda Mack rolled out the red carpet and white gloves for my book signing in March.  The food was top notch, the consultations they provided were awesome and most importantly the fellowshiping was everything!  I can't overstate how gifted these hairstylists are and urge you to book your own appointments at She Bangs Beauty Bar. Contact me or find Kristi on Style Seat: