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                    Good Enough

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When Camisha Robbins finally meets the man of her dreams, after pining after him for three years on an Atlanta subway, he shakes up her very orderly world - calling out all of her insecurities and ideas about class and identity.  But no one's perfect, and neither is Lennox Robinson, Camisha's Mr. Perfect. Camisha dares to question and test who should love whom and finds herself along the way.


Good Enough explores classic barriers to love, like family obligations, class distinctions and deeply rooted personal insecurities and challenges the adage:

Love knows no boundries.  And defiantly poses the question, if love knows no boundaries - why not you?  Are you Good Enough?


Cover Design by Tara Mixon for Blackgirl Narrative

Good Enough Vonna Joseph
Crossed Lines
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What could a beauty queen turned successful business woman and a commitment-phobic barista-cum-chef with a troubled background possibly have in common?

As it turns out, quite a lot. While their relationship is dynamite between the sheets, Oliver and Lacey’s relationship blows hot and cold as their very different families and lifestyles clash.

Lacey’s not just successful. She’s smart, ambitious and hopelessly falling for the effortless charms of Olivier—despite her initial misgivings. Olivier’s troubled and unhappy upbringing with his drug-addicted mother led to him running away as a teenager—and running away ever since, with Camisha as the only bedrock in his otherwise fickle life.  Facing pressure from Lacey to transform into a man more suited for her and opening his heart to the three most important women in his life—his mother, Lacey and Camisha, their influences send him on a very personal journey towards his maturation.  But can Lacey and Olivier’s relationship overcome his rough edges, or will the pressure he feels to conform put him back on the run?

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Sunrise Blues

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Sunrise Anderson wakes up in her at home studio one day to find her fairytale life completely upended.  She runs home to mommy and daddy only to learn that the hits just keep coming.  Through a mix of family secrets, loyal loved ones and poor choices she finds strength and family ties she never knew she had. 

Finding Ntozake

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Zaye Curry has it all; an exciting career, a great son, who's doing well in college and a husband she's loved since high school. Turning forty and dealing with her empty nest, Zaye takes a bold chance to redefine her life.  


A seemingly innocent hip hop dance class and a chance encounter with a young rap star sends her spiraling down a five star rabbit hole!  In order to embrace her new situation and find out who she really is, she's going to have to lose it all, to have it all - and she's not afraid.  


With her girlfriends at her side and a few unexpected adventures, she's well on her way to Finding Ntozake.

Desi Luvs

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Desiree Lane is a woman on a mission. She's not to be toyed with or underestimated, she has plans--a master plan, to be exact.  A chance encounter provides the lofty launch she needs to get her family a better life in a better place, but a long held grudge threatens to undermine her progress. 

Is she ready to cease the moment, or will she let her past hold her back from everything she's always wanted?  Or will her past be just the thing she needs to flourish? 

Desi Luvs is Joseph's fifth published novel and will be available on March 13, 2018.

Please 'N Thanks

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The elusive bachelor, Oliver Barnett is a collector of fine things - mostly women and affable breakups.  When he meets and falls for his, equally elusive, match he's convinced he's met his soulmate. He says he's ready for forever, but after two engagements and no wedding, those closest to him aren't buying it. 


Is it love or the chase? Is he really in it this time around? Is she? Will anyone ever be good enough? Only time will tell.

Catoire - Family First

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Three generations of empaths make up the otherworldly family, Catoire. The Catoire women are full of verve, contradictions and secrets - just like any other all American family.


The descendants of Maple Catoire take us for a wild ride as the youngest, Keziah embarks on her own journey of self-discovery. Upturning well buried bones, love affairs and lies Keziah learns her own strength and teaches her elders a thing or two about life along way.

Finding Ntozake
Good Enough Vonna Joseph
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