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Mastering the key concepts of aerospace propulsion systems does nothing to prepare one for the power of vulnerability.

When socially awkward, rocket scientist Dr. Ava Harper experiences an unexpected loss, she learns the hard truth, LIFE WAITS FOR NO ONE. 

Having modeled her entire life for the single purpose of working for NASA, when she sees her dreams and well thought out plans slipping through her fingers she's willing to try anything--even accepting her best friend, Zack's challenge to lighten up and, "say yes to everything" for at least 30 days.

With her new plan for life after Space and renewed hope, she heads to Spain to test Zack's theory.  

Join Ava as she navigates life and love with lots of quirk, heart and a few misfires along the way.

When Life has Other Plans

Welcome to St. Christmas Bay

The Saint Christmas Bay Evermoors were a storied bunch with a storied legacy reaching back to the 1800s. January Cates was one of them, but not by name. January was born to the name, but not by the right woman. A born outsider, he never fit into their world, and created his own. 

Megan Thomas was born to a strict mother and widely admired father. A typical firstborn, Megan was eager to please, even if in doing so she was completely lost to herself. After a courageous move to escape an abusive relationship and spare her family's good name, she meets the dark and mysterious January Cates. 

A rich cast of characters and a historical fort help both January and Egypt figure out who they really are and how to find the freedom they both so strongly desire.



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